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Getting Charged for Two Free Phones

Okay everyone, let me know if you have experienced this problem before. My daughter and I was added onto my now ex-husbands verizon account back in January. In January they were offering a "Free Iphone 7 for everyone line added". Naturally my daughter got one and I got one (because it was our lines that were added). I made it clear I did not want these phones as we had our own phones that were unlocked and paid for. I was well assured this was completely free. In February I had to transfer my line and my daughters line to our own Verizon account as my ex husband and I split up. I received my first bill and I was getting charged a monthly fee for each phone. I immediately called Verizon and they admitted a mistake had been made because of the transferring of lines and it would be resolved. You can imagine that this has went on every month since February. So again, today I look at my bill online and Lo' and Behold both of the phone charges were there. I get with two reps (one via chat and the other on the phone). I was told by both that a mistake was made and that the promotion was not transferred when opening and transferring to my own account and there was no way to go back and change it. I asked if I could turn both phones in (only one has been used) and the online rep goes "absolutely but you will still need to pay in full for them". I am just absolutely disgusted right now and would like to be pointed in the right direction to file a consumer complaint and possibly talk to an attorney. This feels like a huge scam. 

Re: Getting Charged for Two Free Phones
Customer Support

Devonmphillips, we regret to hear your iPhone 7 promotional credits fell off once transferring your lines to your own account. Please note this is not a mistake as you may have been told prior and is not a scam. Per the promotional credit requirements, the monthly credits that make the phone free require that the 2 lines and device payment agreements remain active on the original account for the full 24-months. 


If you decide to cancel, pay off the device payment agreement early or transfer your service to another account the promotional credits are then void. The link attached under "Buy One, Get One Promotions (BOGO)" Question #7 and #9 explains the requirements that must be met.


Regrettably, transferring your lines to another account is what voided the promotional credits. These credits cannot be applied to your new account.