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How do I fix unresponsive phone app in iphone 7?

My brand new iphone 7 phone app has been freezing up after being with no use for a few hours, I have already done all the possible troubleshooting that I can, took it to verizon store but they just redirected me to apple store, the geniuses bar replaced the device but the new device still have the same problem, after the latest software update the problem still persist. What else can I do or is it my bad luck that I got a new defective device?

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Re: How do I fix unresponsive phone app in iphone 7?
Sr. Member

That's unfortunate. A few questions (I hope I actually hear back from you, I typically ask questions and never get a response)

1. When you replaced the iPhone 7, how did you back up/transfer your data? (Contacts, photos, videos, applications)

2. Can you list your applications here? (For my review)

In my experience (not with my own phones, I have never had an issue), an issue that seems to "follow" you is typically the fault of a certain application. For example, I had a nice lady who could not figure out what the dreaded screen overlay was about on her Samsung Galaxy S6. She had replaced her phone, and guess what? It followed her! Guess what was the culprit? A third party application. Removed it, power cycled the phone, problem solved.

Do not install applications that claim to "clean" your device. You can do the same thing manually, and not get any viruses.