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How do i pair my iphone 7 to my VW EOS?

My iphone 7 does not pair with my VW EOS. I get the message "connection not possible"

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Re: How do i pair my iphone 7 to my VW EOS?
Verizon Employee


I wouldn't be happy if my phone didn't pair with my car. Thank you for the helpful error message. Bluetooth connectivity is 3rd party for us, your Automobile and Mobile phone manufacturer have more control. We are just your Wireless provider that provides your network; but not to worry, I'll still be happy to help. When did this start, has it ever connected? What year and model is your Volkswagen Eos?

Here's also a great link in regards of your Bluetooth connectivity for Volkswagen vehicles: Volkswagen of America.


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Re: How do i pair my iphone 7 to my VW EOS?

I have the same issue with my Hyundai Tucson.  My IPhone 6 connected flawlessly where as my 7 once paired simply won't stay connected. I've read online that verizon IPhone 7's have Bluetooth and LTE connectivity issues. Is this a hardware issues or will there be a software fix?

Re: How do i pair my iphone 7 to my VW EOS?

It would be a software issue that should eventually be addressed with an iOS update. This is assuming that your car radio has the correct firmware to connect to the iPhone 7 (haven't looked to see if the Bluetooth profiles are the same for the iPhone 7 as they were for previous models but if they aren't or anything else is different then it's possible that your car radio may be unable to connect unless the manufacturer has a firmware update for your radio. At that point it's not an Apple or iPhone issue).