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IPhone 7 reception

Just "upgraded" from a 5S to a 7 and the reception is terrible.   My 5S works fine at my house, never an issue, my new 7 drops out during calls to the point the other person hangs up. Still have a 5S that works perfectly at my house.  Will have to return phone if a solution isn't out there. Any suggestions?

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Re: IPhone 7 reception
Verizon Employee

I rely on my phone to work at home since it is my main point of contact and definitely want your new phone to work at home as well, BHFORC. Let’s take a closer look in to this and see what’s going on. How many bars of signal are showing on your phone? Do you have HD Voice enabled, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Calling Support | Verizon Wireless.


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Re: IPhone 7 reception

I'm having the same problem. Old 5s was an all star work horse. New iPhone 7 keeps getting dropped by the network in places I never had problems with my 5s! Big pile of junk at this point. Should have got the SE!

Re: IPhone 7 reception
Member too. 5s was better than 7.

i have a booster in my house too.

HD Voice is enabled.

Bars vary.  Next to booster is -97 dB when on LTE but often "sticks" on 1x at -67 dB until I switch airplane mode on and off.

Airplane mode is the only way to get it to reconnect at LTE.

Fringes of my boosted bubble would would stay on LTE on 5s but 7 simply curls up and dies on 1x.

Re: IPhone 7 reception

Another thread suggests turning LTE to Data-only, to work around problems with intermittent "No Service".  My suspicion is the handoff between cells is deficient with LTE enabled for Voice+Data.