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Iphone 7 keeps turning off and draining the battery

For the past week or so the phone will be fully charged and the next thing I know, I'll go to use the phone to check email or whatever and it freezes - the buttons (like home) won't click and the screen goes black and within seconds the 100% charged phone battery has drained.  The little Apple symbol will show up and it will seem like it restarted itself but then when I go to open an app, any app, it freezes up again.  I have to restart/reset the phone and I've updated it to the latest update but it keeps doing this.  Right now I have it trying to do another update (I had just updated it a few days ago so I'm not sure if that one didn't take or if there really is a new update since then).  

Re: Iphone 7 keeps turning off and draining the battery
Customer Support

This certainly isn't normal behavior for an iPhone. Sorry that this has happened. Since it's been a few days since you posted this, it sounded like you were doing an update. Have things gotten better or are you still having the same issues?