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My son's phone is locked. How to unlock it?

Need to get my son's phone unlocked. Any suggestions?

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Re: My son's phone is locked. How to unlock it?
Customer Support

DENLES30, thanks for reaching out to the community. We're always happy to assist you. Verizon devices are not carrier locked. Please provide us more information regarding your request.


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Re: My son's phone is locked. How to unlock it?
Sr. Member

When you say the phone is locked, I'm assuming you mean that you're stuck on the lock screen that is asking for a passcode? If so, then the only way to get around that is by doing a full reset on the phone via iCloud or iTunes, which will unfortunately erase everything on the phone. If you have a computer with iTunes available, thent he steps would be as follows:

1.Power off the device.

2.Hold the Home button

3.Continue to hold Home as you connect the phone to a computer running iTunes via the lightning cable.

4.Continuie holding Home until the iPhone screen shows an iTunes logo (not the Apple logo).

5.iTunes should at this point state that it found an iPhone that needed to be restored or updated.

6.Select Restore, and it will perform a full erase on the phone (note that it will probably need to download the latest version of iOS first).