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Problem with my iPhone 7 order

I've recently ordered an iPhone 7 Jet Black on Sep 22, and they said the arrival estimate time would be on Oct 5. However, on Oct 3, an e-mail was send to me said that my iPhone 7 was being shipped. But the problem is I haven't receive anything until now (Oct 18). I've just visited a nearest store to ask for that, and they said my order was canceled on Oct 15. They said my address had a problem, they tried to contact me by email 3 times, but I didn't receive anything, while I check for new email EVERYDAY. When I asked for the responsibility, they said it's not my fault, neither their fault, so who will take the responsibility of it??? So.... IS THAT THEIR WAY TO TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS???? They also said if I want they will make another order for me with CURRENT PROMOTION. [I don't want to use bad words but...] [Removed] It's means I have to pay $350 more for iPhone 7, and it's not my fault?

I ordered an iPhone 7 Silver on Sep 29, and I already received it. Both order I've made at a Verizon store, and their staffs made it for me. It means there's no problem with my address.

I still keep the receipt, order number, and tracking number as well.

I very appreciate it if Verizon made another order with OLD PROMOTION for me!!!

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Re: Problem with my iPhone 7 order
Customer Support

We always want to ensure you get the best possible promotion for such a great phone dhhchuong. Let’s check out any option to get the promotion you originally wanted. Did you have a Device Payment with the order? Did you appraise your old phone you’d trade in for the promo?

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Re: Problem with my iPhone 7 order

Everything was done when I ordered that new phone. If not, how could I do it? Your employee already checked if I had any Device Payment with the order and appraised my old phone. Anyway, there's no reason to cancel my order! I still tracked it by the tracking number you gave, but I didn't see any notification that my order has been canceled, and maybe I would never know unless I go to the store to ask about it. I ordered it via your service, and your employee said that wasn't your responsibility?!?!? Then who will take the responsibility??? Me, the one who wasted time waiting for a new phone without any information about the problem?!?!? I chose your service, but the customer service said they couldn't take care of all orders, so that wasn't their fault. Then who will take care of them? What does the customer service do? THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!