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WiFi Calling not working properly with my iPhone7

I work from home in a neighborhood with poor cellular signal (1-2 bars, fluctuates). I recently switched from ATT (with Samsung phone) to Verizon (with iPhone7), and I can no longer make reliable calls.

Cellular calls don't work in my house: signal is too poor to sustain a conversation.

On ATT with my Samsung phone, I used Wifi Calling all the time without any problems from my home office.

Now with Verizon and iPhone7, my WiFi calls drop frequently (about 50% of the time, randomly, sometimes 10 minutes in, 30h in...).

Here is what happens:

- the sound stops,

- the timer on the phone call continues for about 3 seconds,

- then it says "call failed" and the phone goes back to home screen.

I tried the following:

- Turn to Airplane mode to make sure that the Wifi call wasn't trying to switch to a Cellular call: still drops WiFi calls

- Tried LTE setting on "Voice and Data" as well as "Data": still drops WiFi calls

- Verizon tech support ran diagnostic tests on my phone via LiveChat: no problem found, still drops WiFi calls

- Apple store did full restore on my iPhone7: still drops WiFi calls

- Verizon store swapped my SMS card: still drops WiFi calls

- Reset wireless network: still drops WiFi calls

- Apple replaced my iPhone7 with another new iPhone7: still drops WiFi calls

Best Buy will not let me return the phone because of their strict 14 day return policy.

I have had the phone for 18 days now.

I am at loss. I signed this contract with Verizon 18 days ago, and I cannot use my phone at home.

Please help me replace the phone with another type of device that would enable me to make and sustain calls at home.

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Re: WiFi Calling not working properly with my iPhone7

PS. I have strong internet signal with xfinity: 60mbps download, 6 mbps upload

Re: WiFi Calling not working properly with my iPhone7
Customer Support

I know it is important to have your WiFi calling working correctly, JEFALE34. I just sent you a Direct Message so we can take an in-depth look at your account so we can get your WiFi calling up and running.


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