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bad customer service with Verizon


I had a problem with my iPhone. I went to the Verizon store in Huntersville, NC to get the problem diagnosed and fixed. The sales associate at the Huntersville North Carolina store tried to fix my phone by pressing *73. I was having problems with people calling me and going right to voicemail.

After this sales associate showed me that he fixed the problem by calling my phone and it ringing, I left the store. 

Them 5 minutes later a customer of mine texted me to say that when he called me it his call went directly to voicemail without ringing. This made me very upset so I went to the Charlotte Northlake mall Verizon store and spoke to sales associate Noah.

Noah looked at my phone tried a few different solutions and then decided that he would replace my SIM card. After he did this, he called my phone from a landline in the store. My phone rang so again I felt like the problem was solved.

So I called my customer and told him to call my number while I was in the store to see if the call would go through without going directly to voicemail. He again texted me and said the phone never rang and it Automatically went to voicemail, he also asked me why my phone number had changed when I texted him.

Noah said that the only solution was to replace my phone using my insurance that I have on the iPhone. But before I could claim the phone defective and be replaced by my insurance company, Noah told me that I would not be able to file a claim because my screen was cracked. He advised me to file a claim with my insurance company to replace my cracked screen for $29.

Once this was done the insurance company directed me to a local repair shop where I drove over half an hour to get my cracked screen repaired. The store where the repair was to take place said it would take 45 minutes. So I waited and they fixed the cracked screen.

Then I drove back to the Verizon Northlake mall store and asked Noah to help me file a claim to replace my phone. Noah looked at my account and said that because I had already filed a claim in the past for a defective phone that I had to contact the insurance company directly to get my replacement.

This made me mad that Noah did not ask me this before I got the screen fixed and drove back to the store. I wasted my time driving back to the Northlake Mall store.

Then I got in my car and my phone rang and the woman asked to speak to Caroline. I told her that she had called the wrong number. Then 2 minutes went by and the same person called me again and my phone rang and they said they wanted to speak to Caroline. I asked the person what number are you calling and they said 704-650-5661 which is not my telephone number but apparently, this is now the number of my phone. They thought they were calling Caroline's phone.

What Big Headache.  I work 24/7 and finally had a day off to spend with family and I had to spend 4 hours on this mess.

Today I decided to call Verizon customer service to see if they could help. After I told the agent my problem she escalated it to technical support and that is when I came across to the agent named Michelle. She really did a great job of studying this situation and trying to find a solution for me. I was on hold for a few minutes and  Michelle kept coming back to me and saying she was speaking to other technical agents to try to figure out what happened in this situation. After much discussion with other technical people Michelle came back to me and said that apparently what happened was when Noah, changed out my Sim card simultaneously apparently Caroline was getting a new phone or was getting a new Sim card also in the punching of the numbers of my phone into the computer crossed over and went into Carolines new phone.

Michelle said that she was going to call my telephone number and see if Caroline would answer and then if Caroline would allow by giving a password Michelle could fix the problem. Unfortunately, Caroline's phone was not ringing properly and she was not answering. Michelle told me that she could not fix the situation unless you got a password from Caroline. What a hassle.

I will again try to call Customer Service tomorrow and see if they can get a hold of Caroline and fix the situation. But if that doesn't work I guess my only resort is to cancel my telephone service with Verizon and go to another service provider such as AT&T or Sprint. I cannot live without a phone,  my business relies on my being available to my customers 24/7 and Verizon is just not living up to its name and providing me with service that is exceptional. I've been a long-time customer of Verizon and my wife is a corporate client of Verizon. I do not appreciate being treated this way.

Re: bad customer service with Verizon
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Iphone issues should be handled by Apple

Re: bad customer service with Verizon
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I'm honestly shocked the store rep didn't default to comission mode the first time.


Calls going straight to voicemail can usually be resolved by disabling call forwarding. As for as the sim card, here is where the story doesn't make sense.


A new sim would have zero to do with another customer. If you had a new sim, but the numbers were keyed wrong, your phone simply wouldn't work. If you physically had the sim someone else had, then their number assigns to your phone and their account will show your device.


This would make that person notice right away to where they would call in ask what's going on. I know store reps are bad, but I want to believe one isn't that incompetent. Yikes!