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doubled my data usage

For the first time I have doubked my data usage in less than a month. typically I have NEVER gone over 1.9 GB and now I had to upgrade at the cost of $20 mo for 8G of data. 

Nothing has changed, same phone, same person using it, same usage.

All settings are set to use as little data as possible when using cellular -

- background app refresh - off

- only one social media app used on cellualr (usage has not changed) - all other off (FB, Instagram, Snap chat)

- searched multiple chat boards, what I did find, there has been multiple complaints such as mine. With no reasonable explaination from Verizon. When I look at the limited data usage break down it states that it is messaging that is using the most data, significant amounts. My daily habits have not changed, in fact this past month may have declined. 

What is causing this? I am really upset I had to increase my monthly rates by $20 when I am on a fixed income. 

Verizon, what are you doing?


Re: doubled my data usage
Customer Support

I would be alarmed as well if my data usage habits have not changed, and I went over my data, patsla. I appreciate all of the specific details you have provided. I completely understand that cost is an important factor, I am a consumer as well. Let's troubleshoot this concern together and get to the bottom of this. Have there been any changes made to the device? For example a software update, new app installed, app updates? I know that you mentioned only one app is used on cellular. Are you normally connected to Wi-Fi? Do you have Wi-Fi assist enabled on your device? You can check this setting by using this link:



Re: doubled my data usage
Sr. Member

A) Verizon is not adding data. [removed] Your phone will tell you exactly wich app is using how much data. 

B) You sounds like you're on a single line plan. If so why aren't you 5 GB plan which is the same cost at the 2 GB plan?

C) If money is so tight then you should be on Verizon. No one is on Verizon beause of cost savings. Might want to check into other carriers

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