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iphone7 pre-order

So, I ordered an iPhone7 plus on the day of launch.  Got confirmation that my phone will be delivered 9/23.  One week after first orders are fulfilled.  Why?  Because Apple wouldn't let me order off because I'm a Verizon Business customer.  So i was forced to order off of and even the confirmation email I got was broken which made me worry.  I called in to Verizon to check up on it early in the week, but they told me that since it's pre-order they have no information.  anyhow.  I got confirmation.  Got another one the day before launch stating my order was in process, and it would take 3 days.  On the day of launch low and behold I get an email stating my order was cancelled, then automatically re-ordered and delayed til 10/19.  I called in twice to finally get help(first time I was disconnected without a call back).  Now they offered me a $30 credit which barely makes up the time I spent calling in about their mistakes, and a request to jump the line.  Which apparently is supposed to get me my phone on the same day as I was originally scheduled for.  As an early adapter even one week was frustrating.  Now all this stupidity inbetween.... Plus I might not even get my phone a week late.....Verizon I been with you a long time....maybe it's time to switch....

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Re: iphone7 pre-order

Thats messed up !!! I wanna leave Verizon but all the others carriers dont have good service