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lost photos from IPhone 7?

Does anyone know how to recover loss photos from IPhone 7? I can not seem to recover the photos from the Verizon Cloud nor ICloud?  Although, I pay $30 every month for a Cloud backup service when I called the Tech Support, I was only able to see some of the photos but not all the lost ones.  I will appreciate if Verizon or anyone out there had the same problem and how to recover?

Thank you very much in advance for any assistance

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Re: lost photos from IPhone 7?
Customer Support

Fusgru43, I am so sorry to hear that you recently lost your photos from your iPhone 7. How exactly were they lost? Do you use Verizon Cloud or iCloud to back up your content?



Thank You,

VZW Support
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Re: lost photos from IPhone 7?
Sr. Member

I'd recommend using iCloud (turn on Photos) or Google Photos to backup pics. If you were using Verizon Cloud your photos would have backed up each time your device was on Wi-Fi. If the photos are removed from your device and were not backed up anywhere they are lost.. You can restore from a previous iOS backup if you had backed up your device to a computer.

Re: lost photos from IPhone 7?

Thank you for your response. The photos were lost as I was transferring them to my Surface 3 tablet from my IPhone 7.  I started to transfer the photos from my phone because I was receiving "storage-full" type of messages on my phone.  They disappeared as I thought I finished the transfer and placed them on my lab top computer photo folder.  I transferred all of them except unfortunately, the photos that were taken during the months of "July and August 2017"  got lost during the transfer?

Is there anyway Verizon could help me to download the photos that were taken during the months of July and August 2017 picture files because they were fully backed up.

I pay for the back up service every month.

thank you very much in advance