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spoofed local number robocalls

I've seen a considerable increase in spoofed calls  that are spoofing local number from 2178373811, 3097774753, 2175054994, 2175139554, 2175483231, 2175786385.2175449949. reported these to my local Verizon  store and they literally told me they can do nothing about it. I got the Spoof  blocker, caller id blocker both on. I am probably going to change services if they can't get their act together or reported Verizon to the FCC. They can fine the service providers.. Sick of it man. It's legally their job to protect the consumer by law. They want to know my name, and want  me to say hello and goodbye then they use that recording to provide info. to another company to try and  get money out of me. I know the deal m. I first answer  now "this is a monitored line". Then here a click. yes, but it is filling up my dang call log with spoof  garbage. I hate it. they need to take care of that issue!!!!  I work for a comm. company and know they ban block calls from these spoof numbers for for caller id and numbers.  They can track them back to the source and need a team of people to do just that. The way  you can tell is if you try to call the number back by caller id  it tries to  go to a spoofed number which is not in service.  Anyway hope they read this, I'm  getting annoyed enough to take legal action at this point.  What did they mean they can't take care of it, I'm calling B.S on that!! I mean day and night man!!  It's getting old fast!!

Re: spoofed local number robocalls
Customer Support

Hello, dugfrsh90. Unwanted calls have become much more than a nuisance lately. The spoofing is the latest "trend" of course, and we appreciate the details you provided. Unwanted calls happen to everyone, on every network, even landlines and business lines. Our store representative was correct when they said we cannot block all such calls due to the tactics the perpetrators use. That said, you have already tried some options. If those are still not working, you are correct to report the call spoofers to the FCC. You can do so here: . Many devices also have a "block list" you can use to block calls from certain numbers. For example, my Samsung Note 20 has this feature. My block list has about 350 numbers in it. Using this method eventually put an end to such calls for me. The best thing is the cost: $0. What is the make and model of your device?