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Asurion Insurance

I am writing this message in hopes that Verizon Wireless investigates/responds, maybe others have had the same or similar experience with this third-party insurance company. We have five lines -- all iPhones -- and we had the multi-device protection plan. That was, until today. Yesterday, we had to file our first claim (after paying for this add-on for months and not needing it) and at first, the process was smooth. Paid $150.00 deductible (seriously?! but ok) claim was filed, approved and my replacement device was mailed via FedEx the following day. Almost too good to be true (besides $150.00 payment, but whatever.) The device was delivered -- only for the FedEx driver to come back almost 40 - 60 minutes later to retrieve the package stating that Asurion labeled it as FRAUD. What?!?!? You heard that right, FRAUD. 

I spent most of my morning today calling Asurion because it was nearly impossible to get a live representative. All I could get was that my claim was successfully filed and if I wanted to receive shipment details. I finally get someone on the phone and they say, "After the initial investigation was made, another investigation was made and it was found that you violated the terms and conditions." I of course am baffled by this and asked them to elaborate as everything I wrote was factual. She simply said that she could not explain why, due to their "security guidelines" but to call Verizon. 


I call Verizon, they tell me that everything looks good on their end, and that this is an Asurion problem. After going back and forth (during a pandemic, can you imagine how painful this was?) I decided I would get BOTH on the phone and have a phone conference to try and resolve this issue. Nonetheless, that got me nowhere. As Verizon rep kept assuring Asurion that I was indeed an authorized Account Manager and that there was nothing wrong on their end. Asurion's general response seems to be to read the entire terms and conditions (19 pages) to figure out what I violated. 


I am hoping that by writing this, Verizon Wireless would look into all of the complaints about this company. We are not the only ones and there are A LOT of phony "positive reviews" online about this company. We love Verizon, and have been loyal customers for years now. This is my first complaint, and it's not even directed TO Verizon! My experience with Asurion was SO bad, that I went ahead and cancelled the multi-device protection. I rather not pay $50.00 a month to a bogus 3rd-party company than to ever deal with them again. Their representatives were unprofessional and were not able to assist me in anyway. So what are we paying for really? 


VERIZON - Please for the love of all that's good, don't tarnish your reputation/name by doing business with them. They are NOT a good representation of your company!!!!!! 

Re: Asurion Insurance
Customer Support



I'm terribly sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Asurion. That is never what we want to hear and I know I certainly wouldn't be okay with being told I violated the terms of the insurance without being told how I did so. We definitely appreciate your feedback and I will make sure it is lifted up. They are a separate company so they make their own policies but whenever we partner with someone we expect them to provide great support to our customers and we do take this sort of issue seriously. 


What was the reason you were filing a claim in the first place? Have you been able to get a great working phone to use?



Re: Asurion Insurance

Hi Andrew, 

Thank you for your prompt response and assurance that this will be taken seriously. We kept the refurbished phone sent by them considering that it was mailed and in my possession for almost an hour (not to mention, I did nothing wrong!) and gave the FedEx driver the old phone in the prepaid envelope they also included. Then I decided to try and correct whatever misunderstanding but honestly, I’m really not sure where we’re at with this because they wouldn’t tell me anything! I’m afraid that inevitably, I will be charged for this refurbished device at whatever cost they decide. 

The phone’s screen cracked yesterday while I was at work.

The frustrating part is, I was willing and able to confirm anything they needed me to.  But they were insistent on not working with me, and kept redirecting me to read the terms and conditions to “figure it out”. How can I know how to correct the problem when I don’t even know what the problem is? The Verizon rep that graciously stayed on the phone with me the entire time couldn’t figure it out either. But he also said he couldn’t help me because they are a separate company which I understand. 

I really hope Verizon considers another company, or providing insurance packages themselves, or offer AppleCare (I don’t know, just throwing ideas out there!)