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Asurion insurance really is a scam...

Asurion insurance is a scam.  Set up appointment to have screen repaired, the "tech" calls me an hour before the appointment to tell me the part (screen) for our iphone is not in stock.  What a crock.  In the meantime I try to reschedule and it schedules me for the same day a few hours later.  How can a company as reputable as Verizon be affilliated with these con artists?  By the time I got to the Verizon store the next day the phone was completely out of whack, and the only solution was to get a new one that I will be paying $25 a month for the next two years.  Now I have to fight to get my $29 back from Asurion.  DONT BUY ASURION INSURANCE, IT IS A SCAM!  Thanks for nothing verizon.

Re: Asurion insurance really is a scam...

All carriers use Asurion.  And if you deal with their repair centers, then it’s not Asurion directly, it’s a repair center.  You can and should complain to Asurion about a repair shop.  

Just an FYI, as of last fall Apple has their own insurance which is full coverage apple care plus now covers lost and theft as well as damage. It’s expensive, but it is Apple and I have heard no complaints

Re: Asurion insurance really is a scam...

sorry but no authorized repair facility will stock every part for every phone they're authorized to repai.

Re: Asurion insurance really is a scam...
Verified Partner

Unfortunately, screen repair options is not guaranteed to always be available. It is based on inventory of parts as well as the availability of servicers. We understand your frustrations. I can help you with the status of your refund. [removed] -Jean


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