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Bad Service

I have been experiencing declining service from verizon. On my plan there are 2 iphone 8 plus so it should not be due to the devices. I have always had verizon and i used to get service in places that at & t couldnt even get it. Our internet is also spotty unless hooked to wifi. Now I cant even get service on some of the major streets in my area. Having scetchy service is not ideal for me and i need to know why the service is declining. I have read different posts about the same issue and so many people are having this problem right now. Some articles have even said that they think that the 5G being added to the towers is causing issues for regular service. I do not know how true that is, but I would like an explanation. Paying a phone bill that is close to $200 dollars and not having the service that I used to have is infuriating. I pay this bill because I need reliable service. Service that I can count on to get back and forth safely and have a way to contact someone if I am in a tight spot. Right now I do not have faith in my service I am being provided and would like explanations. 

Re: Bad Service
Customer Support

Your patience with ongoing service issues is appreciated. I definitely understand the significant role our devices play in day-to-day life, and it would be difficult to be happy with anything that's not working.
Let’s find out more so we can turn things around.
You mention that your internet is spotty unless on Wi-Fi. May I have the nearest two cross streets as well as your city and state where you must connect to Wi-Fi?

Re: Bad Service

I have had the the same problem for years. I live upstate NY and Verizon is touted as being the best provider in the northeast and yet I drop calles and I constantly have issues with data even with LTE showing on my phone.  The price doesn't reflect the service. I bring it up every time I walk into a Verizon store, and all I get are excuses. I have switched providers but it didn't make a difference, cell service in the United States is miserable and Verizon knows it. On a positive note, when I visit African countries I get pretty good service using foreign providers. Maybe someday the US will catch up to African countries regarding cell service.