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Customer Service Issue

Can you please send me the phone number or e-mail that I can address an issue with? I was in the Mt. Juliet Verizon company store on Sunday afternoon 11/03/19 to transfer my service from AT&T to Verizon. I had excellent service with Verizon in the past and decided to go with AT&T since they could bundle all of my services...cell phone, TV, Internet. That was a big mistake and that is why I am back with Verizon. When I met with the store rep I told him what I wanted to do. I was bringing my own phone over. We tried to complete the process and found out that my phone was still locked. I paid off my phone with AT&T and was able to request the unlock at the Verizon store however had to wait for AT&T to release which happened Monday morning. The store rep gave me the SIM card to install after my phone was unlocked. I did that yesterday 11/5 and the SIM Verizon card would not activate. I placed the AT&T card back in and then did not have any cell service. I am homebased for work and depend on my cell phone as I do not have a land line. Since I had no service I used the chat feature on the Verizon site. This was helpful however the troubleshooting went on for about an hour. Then they suggested that I find another phone. Kind of hard when you are home based and nobody is home during the day. I ended up walking next door and my neighbor let me take his phone back to my house in which I was able to call Verizon tech support. This went on for another hour and finally the issue was resolved and I am very grateful for that however I lost 2 hours of sales time in my job. My boss is not happy with me right now. I hope that from this point forward that my experience with Verizon will be a better one. 

Re: Customer Service Issue
Customer Support

jpowers2005, we want to welcome you back to the Verizon family. We truly apologize for the overall experience you have received in efforts to activate your device onto our Network. Making sure you have a properly working device for work purposes is vital. We are glad to see that our Tech support team was able to help resolve your device activation concern. We value your feedback and will forward your concern to the proper department.