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Not receiving calls from businesses I work with

I am not receiving phone calls from businesses I work with.  I have no numbers blocked on my phone or account.  This is a recent problem.  Example:  My alarm company calls me when there is an issue with the alarm.  I am not receiving these calls - they are not showing up in my recent call list and my phone is not ringing - no voicemail shows up.  They say that it goes to voicemail after ringing a few times.  My phone has been updated and restarted, network settings reset, do not disturb has been deactivated.  I have researched for days and nothing has worked so far.  I have an iPhone 8plus.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Not receiving calls from businesses I work with

I'm having the same problem with a Pixel 2 running Android 9. At least I got a response from Verizon:

I read somewhere that doing a power off/power on helps for a while.  I'm going to reboot my phone every morning and see if that helps.  

For you, the issue is large bc you are trying to support customers.  For me, it's wanting to ensure that I hear back about jobs I have applied for.  Both very vital uses!!

Re: Not receiving calls from businesses I work with
Sr. Member

A weak network signal could cause issues. How strong is the signal in and around the areas that are frequented?