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Poor LTE and 3G reception in my neighborhood since forever

I’ve been with Verizon for years but the reception in my neighborhood is not very good for both 3g or LTE. Along my street it is normally 2 bars of LTE with quite a few spots with only 1 bar. There’s one spot at the very end of the street where I can sometimes get 3 bars. Inside my house it is obviously even worse, normally at 1 bar and sometimes dropping down to 3g (which is also only at 1 or 2 bars of reception). I swear it wasn’t *this* bad several years ago, but I also don’t take many phone calls and I have WiFi for data. My more recent phones have supported WiFi calling as well so I don’t get dropped calls like I used to. I kept hoping that it would eventually get better, but if anything it has gotten worse over time. I’ve had this problem with all the versions of iPhone I have had as well as a couple of Motorola phones. It’s super annoying when the power is out or my home internet is down for some reason I have to go wandering outside to find reception or make a call like I’m out in the middle of the wilderness or something. I pay for the relatively expensive Verizon service because I do seem to get good service and reception every where else, however it’s a bit ridiculous how bad it is at the one place I spend most of my time. 

My neighborhood is in the zip code 92081, approximately coordinates 33.159830, -117.222895.