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Ridiculous customer service

I attempted to upgrade my phone and kept getting an unable to upgrade due to paired watch message. I reached out to customer service to be told that even though my account says it’s upgrade eligible that I still have to pay $300 to do so... then the rep explained to me that my phone that I am still paying for ($700-800) on their site is only worth $145 to verizon. ITS NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD!! I explained that I didn’t feel valued as a customer and received a “sorry bout that, anything else i can do” response. 
customer service is seriously lacking!


looking into other service providers, Verizon has zero care for their customers. 

Re: Ridiculous customer service
Sr. Member

Seems to be there attitude on most things nothing is there fault And we get the bad end

Re: Ridiculous customer service
Customer Support

Upgrading is always an exciting time. To clarify, are you attempting to do an early upgrade on your line?


Re: Ridiculous customer service
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There's no incentive for a company have to buy every used phone for a premium price. If you want more back for your phone, you sell to an individual or trade in during a promo.

Your post is missing crucial information. If you had to pay $300, there could be any number of various reasons. If your financing limit isn't high enough for a loan, you pay the difference with a downpayment. If this is an iPhone less than a year, you pay the difference of what is missing to make a year worth of payments. Any scenario would have you pay taxes on the phone.

There's more to this $300 that isn't told.