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Swapping Iphone6s and iphone8

I apologize if this has been covered but I am drowning in information.  We just purchased and activated an Iphone 8 for my husband.  I presently have an iphone 6s.  We would like to switch phones.  I have backed up both phones in Itunes.  To do the switch I followed the video instructions but must have missed a step because the phones did not switch.

Steps followed-

Open tab under devices and clicked on phones to be switched.

Confirmed that plans and coverage are the same

Turned off phones and hit the switch button

This is where I got confused. What do I do next?

Do I wipe the phones and upload the backed up phone from Itunes? Do I follow instructions for activating a new phone?  I am a little hesitant to wipe phones incase I mess up the phones.  I am assuming I do not touch the SIM cards for either phone.  Can somebody walk me through this?  Again sorry if this has been discussed else where.

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Re: Swapping Iphone6s and iphone8
Customer Support

Congrats on your new phone purchase, Mevarhuemev. I know how important it is to be able to transfer your content to your new phone. For directions on how to restore your content via iTunes click: