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Upgrading my iphone 7plus to iphone8plus- worst experience


I don’t even know where to start writing. I am not the kind of person who writes on forums or things like this. On the other hand, I also don’t think I have ever had such an awful experience with any company ever. To the point, I left a post on the Verizon Facebook page.

I have two iPhone 7plus on my name – one for me and one for my wife which I bought last year. 10/23/17 -  Yesterday, I paid of the two iPhone 7plus completely and wanted to just upgrade them to iPhone 8plus. Initially, I placed an upgrade order for my iPhone 8plus which went very smoothly and I received the order confirmation and tracking number once my phone was ready to be shipped.

At this point I should mention, that both me and my wife were without a phone as we had given away our iPhone 7plus considering my new iphone8plus was arriving in 2 days(which was not a big deal for me to wait for).

10/24/17-  So, then I started with the struggle to upgrade my wife’s iPhone 7plus to 8plus. I called them first in the morning and the rep placed my order and everything. On performing credit check, she said that she’ll send a code to m phone and on knowing that I don’t have one, was very rude to me and said call us when you have one. We can’t help you now.

I borrowed a phone from my friend and put my sim in it and went through the whole process once and the phone was disconnected mid-way. But I got an email with order number and location code but it said that I have to call to get my final credit approval for the order. I called them again and gave them the order number and location code and was on phone for another 20-30 mins and they couldn’t find the order I was talking about asked me to go to Verizon store.

I went to Verizon store and they straight up looked at my account and said they couldn’t help either and as it was not under their control and asked us to call Verizon rep from the store itself. Spent another 1hr and 20 mins and spoke to 4/5 reps and no one could find our order. Then finally, we asked them to place a new order but mid-way the phone got disconnected and II couldn’t take it any longer. So, I thought I ‘ll be back after a break.

I was back at the Verizon store again in the evening and called the reps from their again, this time they said the order number that I received in my email was wrong and gave me a correct one saying it was their system’s mistake. How can the system generate wrong order number??? Anyways, after being on the phone for 1hr and 15 mins, I was successfully able to place the order or so I thought. When I did not receive any confirmation email for another 1 hr after reaching home, I called them back from home. And this time the rep said that the previous rep never placed your order. I asked him to place it for me but he said them My account has reached my spending limit, so he can’t do it from his side and I have to go to the store(where I HAD ALREADY SPENT CLOSE TO 3 HRS in the day and they had said they can’t help). I had no idea such a thing existed and if so, then why? I had two iPhone 7plus earlier, then what is the problem with having two iPhone 8plus.

After getting [Removed] again and again for the whole day, I thought I would cancel my order as well and shift to other network. So, I called one final time and this rep listened to my whole story and how upset I was and was somehow, magically, able to place my order and received the confirmation email also this time. She couldn’t believe that why can all these other reps were having a hard time placing an upgrade order. I couldn’t believe it either.

10/25/17-  I opened my Verizon account today to check if the order has been shipped and to get the tracking number and I see this -
There is a credit hold on your order number xxxxxxx. You need to contact us before we can process your order any further.

Well guess what…I called them again like 15 mins back. The girl seemed very nice and she also listened to the whole thing and she spoke to other teams to check what’s wrong with my order. She said everything looks fine at all end but since morning they have got multiple calls with the same message. So, it is probably something on their side but I should not worry and my order will be shipped today. Although, she said that she’ll keep an eye on it and will call me as soon as there is any movement with my order.

My question is- Should I just switch to some other network at this point? I have had enough and lost my mind.

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