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iPhone Users Heads Up.

Be prepared if your screen brakes and you use Asurion Warranty Services. My experience:

Screen cracked and went dark. Started to submit a repair/replacement through Asurion and it would not let me complete it. I tried to contact them, Asurion, and they only give you a phone number to reach them at. No chat, no email. So if your phone is broken and you don't have access to another phone your hosed. It borders on absurd that they would not think to have an alternative method of contact, as their only customers are those with broken phones.

I went to a Verizon store and explained I had no way to reach Asurion and could they help. Sales rep got angry as if it were not his problem but finally let me use their desk phone.

I called Asurions toll free number and found out I had to turn off my iphone "find phone" feature from before I could complete repair request. There was no details about so I had no clue how to do that.

Went to I tried to log in but was stopped as the system required I input a code they sent to my phone...which I could not see as the screen was broken LOL.

About 30 minutes of searching and buried deep in their online web based text chain I was able to find and reach an Apple support person. They tried to give me instructions to make a request to verify and change my account access but every one of their methods required I have access to my phone, or access to other Apple products exclusively. Alternatly I could use someone else's phone. I did that and after having the code sent to a family member and entering it, Apple still required I access my phone. Dear god.

5 and a half hours later and I'm beyond frustrated and done with this. I've immediately cancelled my warranty service with Asurion and will fix the phone myself (its paid off). Having fixed iphone screens in the past, its easy and I am not sure why I got insurance in the first place.


Re: iPhone Users Heads Up.
Sr. Member

If you have a computer and internet in the house there is also wifi calling, just need a head set and it's free.  I do it from Gmail, works in a pinch.  Mary

Re: iPhone Users Heads Up.


You can make a claim through the Asurion web site too. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.