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keeps restarting

My iPhone 8plus just started restarting over and over and over. I can't do anything with it, the darn thing will not stay on long enough to do anything. Something I saw online said update the os. But how am I supposed to update the darned thing if it restarts before it has a chance to do ANYTHING. I mean the doggone thing is only 2 months old.

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Re: keeps restarting
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I would take the phone to an Apple Store and have a Genius Bar technician fix the problem.

Re: keeps restarting
Customer Support

I’ll admit there’s been a spell of this experience going around, EBOOKJUNKY. Based on Apple’s findings this route will assist you in moving forward on getting that update.
Please let us know your results.



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Re: keeps restarting

THANK YOU!  YOU GAVE A VERY CLEAR AND EXCELLENT SUPPORT EXPLANATION, and I only wish that someone at my Verizon store would have known this two days ago, BEFORE my dark journey into iPhone malfunction and “looping” occurred.  (I know. . .1st world problems, right?)  The store techs tried to help, but they thought that the looping was due to a software system problem with my phone, not realizing that while my phone was going to lock screen, I was probably still “updating” to 11.2.  I had already just updated my OS to 11, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the recent notice to upgrade to 11.2.  Unfortunately, it only took two days for all sorts of problems to begin because I had not completed that additional 11.2 update BEFORE DEC. 2!  The Verizon store techs arranged for me to have a replacement phone sent; however, I wasn’t very satisfied with that solution, especially since my phone isn’t even a year old.  It was still under Apple Warranty.  Why should I settle for waiting for a refurbished phone, and why do I pay so much for insurance each month if my only option is to get someone else’s used phone?  (Yes. . .off topic, and up for another discussion at another time.)  Still, I didn’t know what choices I had at that time.

The next day, I decided that I would try the Apple Store to see if someone there could help me before I received the refurbished phone.  A tech genius had my phone fixed within mere minutes!  It was because Apple was able to do a seamless update to 11.2 (even while I was still looping AFTER Verizon had completed a HARD RESTORE), because Apple hooked my phone up via USB cable to an iMac in order to access iTunes quickly and efficiently, not relying on WiFi.  The Verizon techies were trying to do their best; they just were not aware that my issue could be fixed without a Hard Restore and all that waiting, etc.  They staff on duty at the time were also not all in agreement regarding the this problem.  THEY ALL NEED TO BE TOLD this information that you just posted!  They are going to be faced with thousands of customers who have had this problem since Dec. 2 (or whenever the OS 11.2 update) was available. Many of the techs know bits and pieces of what you explained, but I believe that most of them will not understand how to guide customers with the first half of your answer.  I think that the information about turning off all notifications is important to know, as well.