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waterproof iphone 8 s plus

My phone fell in the sink this morning. the water was bout 2 inches deep and the water was not running. it was in the water less than 10 seconds. my phone worked for about 3 hours after the fact and my battery died. now it will not turn on. I have read the information on this phone and it states it should be waterproof for no more than 1 meter no longer than 30 minutes. i have dried my phone and placed it in rice to draw out water. I have plugged it into the charger for 2 hours and it still will not turn on? Help? will this be covered and replaced because it met the waterproof requirements. Its a brand new phone

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Re: waterproof iphone 8 s plus

The phone should have been in a sealed bag of rice for at least 24 to 48 hours before attempting to turn it on.

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Re: waterproof iphone 8 s plus
Customer Support

mallory9032, I have sent a few phones for a swim over the years and it can be frustrating. The manufacturers are increasingly making the phone's water resistant to prevent them from having issues when there are minimal amounts of contact with water. However, I regret that any damage related to liquid is still not covered under warranty. I wish I had more favorable information. Here is a web page from Apple explaining the water resistance along with the information about liquid damage not being covered under warranty The phone would need to be replaced through Asurion the insurance company, if the line of service has the insurance feature active. Please click on the following web page and refer to number 5 under “General Information” to find out if you have insurance and refer to number 1 under “Filing and tracking a claim,” if a claim is needed.


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