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Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying “No Service” when in a domestic roaming area.

I live in SW Washington state  in an area where I rely on roaming and a connection to a cellular service area provisioned by US Cellular. 


I am upgrading from an iPhone 8 Plus.

This phone worked well both on Verizon  LTE network while traveling and  roaming (voice) only no data) when back in my home area here in zip code area 98649.


When in my house due to poor signal strength I had to rely on WI-FI calling and all was fine.  

When out and about I could least make voice calls if needed via US Cellular’s network.


This has been true with all of the iPhones I have owned while living here. iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6sPlus, and my iPhone 8 Plus prior to the purchase my iPhone 12 Pro Max.



Well after getting this new  iPhone sold directly form Apple to me (With no Sim provided)

I setup the new iPhone here at home via WiFi as a new device and did not move anything over on to it.

I setup all my apps &  allowed all my information / Contacts , Notes & Calendar, etc. to populated to the phone via WiFi prior to activating it on cellular service.


I took a gamble and used my old SIM card from the iPhone 8 Plus (shame on me) 

I drove 10 miles into CastleRock Wa. so I would have LTE coverage and put my sim in and activated my phone.  

All seemed well phone fired up got LTE and I tested by calling my voice mail.


I immediately received a text message from Verizon saying:


Verizon Msg: We noticed you switched the SIM card in your 5G device. To get access to the full benefits of 5G, please use the pre-installed 5G SIM card that came with your device. If you're unable to locate the original 5G SIM card or did not receive one, visit to contact us for help in completing your activation.


Well I headed back to my home and went from good LTE to no signal……by the time I got to my home.


So Monday November 23 I drove down to Vancouver Wa. (40 Mile drive oneway) to the Verizon store and installed the new sim.

While leaving there I had great 5G service and along the way back home up the I5 freeway  LTE was also very good .


As I got off the main freeway and headed towards my home as I got to the area where I normally switch from LTE to Extended ( Roaming) I get no bars...and the phone will no longer function on a cell network.


Once home wi-if calling kicks in and all is good again.

As long as I stay in the house or in my shop.


I contacted Verizon 4 times on the 23rd and with the (help?) from the tech’s  we went over all settings.

Reseting network settings, airplane mode on and off, cell on and you name we tried it.  

We made sure there were no carrier updates that were listed and needed installed 

And I also made sure I was on the most current IOS available 14.2.1.


I like a lot of you are at my wits end on this. 


I just wanted to share this information with you and to see if any one has happened upon a resolution.

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Re: Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying “No Service” when in a domestic roaming area.
Sr. Member

I read your entire post and I apologize if I missed it, but did you go into Settings, Cellular, Cellular Data Options and switch to "Roaming On"?


Re: Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying “No Service” when in a domestic roaming area.


Thanks for reviewing my posting.

Yes I have the setting active on the phone.

That is where things get a little weird on this phone and the iOS implementation with 5G.

My older phone and the setting regarding roaming allowed for setting Roaming as Voice only which appeared to work best.

Again thanks for adding to this conversation I appreciate your input and advise.

I hoping it will be resolved with either a carrier update or iOS point release.



Re: Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying “No Service” when in a domestic roaming area.
Sr. Member

OK sure Dennis. I was out of coffee and hoped I understood. Ha.


Yes, 5G will be changing some system settings I'm sure. I have the 11Pro which I love so I will keep it another year. 5G is almost line of sight and even though Verizon is touting it as the best ever, it is in few areas and it will be several years before it is usable for most.


Thanks for the reply.



Re: Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying
Customer Support

dwstewart, we are sorry to hear about these issues.We are here to help. A Private Note will be sent to assist you further.  BrittanyC_VZW

Re: Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying “No Service” when in a domestic roaming area.

Hey everyone,


I just thought I would follow up on my experience in getting this “No Service” here at my home resolved.


Remember I’m trying to Roam on a US Cellular provisioned network “where I live” while having a Verizon provisioned iPhone.


I had posted this same original posting on the Verizon community forum.

A day later  I received a private email from a Verizon rep wanting to continue to help me.

WOW what a shock!

Well, via their private messaging system used on their forum five different tech reps during the course of these 2 days worked with me.

We changed multiple settings rebooted the iPhone you name it we tried it, I even drove 10 miles into town to a good Verizon LTE signal and then drove back home to see if any of the changes help.

Bottomline No !


They then went ahead and sent me a new iPhone 12 Pro Max via 2 day delivery we set it up here at home, I then had to drive 10 miles back into town to get on an Verizon LTE  to finalize activation.

I then stopped by an area in town that had an Xfinity hot spot put the phone in airplane mode jumped on the hotspot made a couple of calls and then turned back on the cell antenna’s and started to head back to my home.


From this area where I am at back to my home is 10 miles about fives miles out my old iPhone 8 Plus would make the switch to Extended and we would carry on, well this iPhone 12 Pro Max acted just like my iPhone and went into no service mode.


It stayed that way until I got home and then went into Wi-Fi Calling.


So after all this effort (Thank you Verizon for sending a new iPhone 12 Pro Max) I contacted the Verizon techs again (Via private message) and provided my feed back. 

At this point there appears to be no other option that Verizon could or would offer.

It would have been nice to of least known that some where through all this effort, Verizon would have worked this up to one of the technical engineering groups to better identify if it was a Verizon, Apple or US Cellular problem.


As a result of all this effort I then returned the iPhone 12 Pro Max that Verizon sent me and went back to my original phone.


So in closing…. No Resolution.


So currently it appears my only resolution will be to go into town and look into switching carriers to US Cellular.

Going to their web site and using my IMEI number they say the iPhone 12 Pro Max will work fine out here with 4g LTE.

By the way the US Cellular’s Cell Tower is only 1.5 miles from my property.

I will try and visit their store this weekend and see if they have any info on this problem they would be willing to share.


Still not sure if want to switch, they are offering a comparable plan with what we have (Actually it’s even a little better) and no roaming fees.



It’s that  or wait it out and hopefully Verizon, Apple or US Cellular come up with a resolution.


I hope this information is helpful,




Re: Problems with new Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Max displaying “No Service” when in a domestic roaming area.

My husband has the same exact issues. VERIZON did all the same B.S with him. Nothing was accomplished. I say a lawsuit  is in order. A 1200$ phone that is worthless. They've offered no remedy. What happens if he needs gotten ahold of in case of a emergency, or if he has a emergency...its only a matter of time until that will happen with someone, somewhere.

No service on iPhone 12 pro max
Customer Support

Magoo61, we are here for you and will be more than happy to help with the service on your device. Have you been able to check the SIM Card and power cycle the device?