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Anyone grandfathered anymore

Does any have their original "unlimited" data plan from years ago and still grand fathered in?? 

I was looking at upgrading to the X  and pay the price over the 24 months. But i noticed they now force you to switch to a new plan in order to get the phone unless you just but it out right for the $999.

So with that said, is there really any benefit to keep the grand fathered unlimited data anymore? thanks

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Re: Anyone grandfathered anymore

While I'm not grandfathered anymore, I was able to purchase a new phone last year during Thanksgiving using the Device Payment agreement and kept my grandfathered Nationwide Plan with unlimited smartphone data. I don't know why it would have changed unless there is also a promotion for the iPhone X that requires changing the plan or have the newer unlimited plans in order to qualify for the promotion.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Anyone grandfathered anymore
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Yeah, I think with some purchases, a switch in plans is required.

I would personally purchase the phone outright to forgo the switch if I truly relied on a lot of cellular data. Otherwise, if I had a good handle on the number of bytes I used each month, I would see if I could get by with a "Limited" plan.

Why is there this race to the bottom in performance? Crazy.

Re: Anyone grandfathered anymore

They made us switch plans around 3 years ago. if we wanted to upgrade our phones we had to change plans

Re: Anyone grandfathered anymore

I still have my grandfathered unlimited plans (mine and another line that is separate for my mom) and we both just upgraded to the X this past Friday. We did it with Best Buy we have for the last few years because it's more painless and the staff is amazing...and the points are nice lol. If you took advantage of any of the deals that required you switch your plan then yes, you had no choice. It was the deal or the plan. Of course...unless you truly utilize your grandfathered plan it may be a good idea to have switched anyway. Plenty of people hold on to it just because they fear the unknown but don't really use enough data to justify it. For me...the unlimited hotspot is what keeps me with the plan for now because I tend to use more than 15GB's a month with hotspot (not a super-user or anything...but I do use more than 15gb's with hotspot so the hotspot option with the newer unlimited plan causes me to hesitate. I travel a lot and although free wifi is not difficult to find it is usually public and not very secure. Not something that works for me when to comes to some of my use needs). But back to the original can definitely still upgrade with device payments and keep the grandfathered plan. You just can't if a deal required that you have the new plan to be eligible.

Re: Anyone grandfathered anymore

I visited a corporate store in the bay area and was able to purchase an iPhone X 256GB on Verizon Edge (0%/24mos) while keeping my grandfathered Nationwide Unlimited Plan. My plan is as follows:

Nationwide Unlimited Talk & Text - $89.99

Unlimited Email & Web - $49.99

Mobile Hotspot - $30.00 (This is NOT capped like the new plans)

It's not worth it to 99.9% of people unless you're like me and it's cheaper than having a new Unlimited plan, and landline internet service in 2 homes. I use a lot of cellular data (I refuse to be one of those people who constantly asks for the WiFi password).

Someone told me you can't add hotspot now if you didn't have it previously. I am not going to drop the feature to confirm... lol.

But yes, to clarify, you can finance a phone while keeping your grandfathered plan. Just visit a store if you're not sure about retaining your plan online.

Re: Anyone grandfathered anymore

Thank you so very much!

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