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Complaint regarding Phone purchase

I want to file a complaint but I can't find where to do this?

I have been a Verizon customer since my first cellphone ever, 2001? This is my first complaint and the first time I have ever questioned staying with this company and now I can't even file a complaint easily? I tried to chat with someone and basically they nicely confirmed that I was wrong and that was it, thank you and goodbye.

I purchased 2 iphone X phones right before Jan 1 2019 as part of the special end of the year deal that was being offered. Buy 1 phone get 1 phone free or so I thought...

I started purchasing myself online by selecting that offer, I was contacted by the chat person and I asked a question regarding phone trade in. After that they wanted to help me COMPLETE my purchase. I assumed that they would help me complete what I had already started not start a completely new purchase. I followed through and completed. I was under the impression that my discount from the one free phone would start coming out of my bill the next month or so based on what I had read before being helped.

I contacted Verizon 2 times over the course of 3 months (approx) via chat and both times they said it takes about 3 months for the monthly discount from the promotion to show up on my bill. Finally the second time I pushed the issue and the person helping me via chat asked for my order number or some other #, I gave it to them and they then confirmed that I didn't actually get the promotion becuase I didn't add a new line. This upsets me for multiple reasons:

1. if I had that explained to me when I bought the phones I would NOT have purchased these phones I would have gotten a cheaper model

2. If someone had told me that the first time I called a month later instead of "yes you should see your discount in a couple months" again I would have maybe been within my 1 month agreement and been able to exchange the phones for a cheaper model. 

3. When I chat with people while signed in to my account at Verizon, I also assume (just like if I called in and asked for help) that they can see my account and the information they are giving me is specific to me, not just a general answer that may or may not be true to me

4. this is not a $50 mistake, I have to pay for a phone over the course of 2 years or in full right now that I didn't know I would have to!

I totally understand that if I looked further this information would have been provided or available to me but since the chat person helped me complete the purchase I had already started it was NEVER explained to me that I didn't qualify for the promotion I had selected or that wasn't what I was buying. The person helping me was extremely nice and helpful it has nothing to do with that. The promotion itself is confusing, misleading and not for long term loyal customers! I have been loyal to Verizon dispite their higher prices specifically because I have always thought there was good deals and help for loyal customers with no hassle. I was willing to pay more for the customer service but this let's me know that it is superficial and there is no help for complaints. If someone would have told that to me one of three times I talked to someone I might have been able to reverse this but did not know for more than 3 months! Please help me file this complaint...

Re: Complaint regarding Phone purchase
Customer Support

We truly value your long time loyalty and are disappointed to learn this was your experience when you purchased your devices, jtreiber. It's important we are setting the correct expectations with all orders and changes to the account. I have sent this feedback for review to ensure our Chat Team is coached accordingly. We are able to make changes within the first 14 days of purchasing the devices. I myself, make sure to check all confirmation emails sent to ensure they are the changes I requested and the correct pricing discussed. We would recommend checking this going forward as well to pinpoint any discrepancies in your order or requested changes. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Your feedback helps us make the necessary changes to better assist our customers. 



Re: Complaint regarding Phone purchase

Besides posting your complaint on the Verizon Wireless Community forum like you did here, you also have the option to send it as a letter to the correspondence address listed under the Contact Us link at the top of every Verizon Wireless web page.


If you had started the purchase process for this phones online did you look at the promotion's details and terms and conditions? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Complaint regarding Phone purchase

We had a similar situation happen to us. We took advantage of a BOGO promotion thinking we qualified. The whole transaction was over chat with an agent on the verizon website. At no time did the person tell us you had to add a new line to get the promotion. We start getting billed for 2 phones instead of 1. We contacted verizon at least twice and were told that our monthly bill would correct after a couple months. Now 6 months have gone by and we're still paying for 2 phones. We contacted Verizon again over chat on the website 2 weeks ago and the agent we spoke with checked on this for us. We were then told that this BOGO promotion only worked if you added a new line. We explained that the agent who handled the purchase did not tell us that when we bought the phones. The agent was very helpful and turned the issue over to the escalation department. We were told we would be notified by email in 7-10 days of their findings. Fast forward 2 weeks and we still have not heard anything from the escalation department. I chatted with another agent today, explained the situation again, and this person checked on the status. We were then told that there are no updates regarding our issue and that we will get an email from the escalation department but there is no timeframe for how fast they will resolve the issue. Needless to say, we are extremely frustrated and are very skeptical that anything will be done about it.