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Filing a complaint

I'd like to know how do you file a complaint? I feel it's very important that someone at Verizon (if they care) knows how terrible their customer service is.

This past Saturday I recieved an offer to upgrade our 2 phones. I attemped to make the purchase online. However the website is atrocious. So I use the chat function to make the purchase and learn from the agent that what I was trying to do was impossible without his help. 

First off why would redeming an offer require a customer service rep to complete?

I made the purchase of 2 phones on the 24 month plan paying all buy $1 of each phone. With the assurance my bill and plan would not change. On tuesday when I recieved the phones and looked at my acount. My bill increased about $17.

I called and spoke to Suzy about it and discovered that the previous agent hadn't given my the discounts for the ugrade I was offered. She said she knew exactly what had happened and how to fix it. 1 hour later the problem was still not solved, but I was assured by 9am this morning the discounts would be reflected in my account.

Got home this evening and the charges were still there. I called and spoke to Thomas, who quickly explained that the 2 previous Verizon agents had no idea what they were talking about. He explained the discounts were fazed out over a 24 month period and that the increase in my bill would be credited back to me each month. However this wouldn't start until 2 billing cycles in the future.

I said ok, this makes since, But can you send me something stating this is how Verizon actually does it. Seeing as by your own account the 2 previous agents told me differently. and if i take your word for it and you are wrong I'm 2 months down the road and Verizon will just tell me Thomas was wrong as well and you are out of luck. His response was he could send me nothing saying how verizon handles the discounts.

At this time after having spent 1 hour trying to buy the phones, 1 hour talking to Suzy to fix the situation and now another hour (3hours in total) with Thomas trying to get this straightened out. I told him i would like to cancel the order and get my money back. I then had to drive to the closest Verizon store and make the return. 

This seems to me to be completely unproffessional and no way to do business. Might i add I've been a customer nearly 20 years and very strongly considering taking my business else where after this experience.