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IPhone X is receiving text messages on several days’ delay

For the past couple of months, my iPhone X has not been receiving text messages when they are sent. This includes personal and group texts as well as texts coming from apps like Google Authenticator and Carrot and businesses like Uber, UPS, and AMEX.

Every few days I will get 20 to 40 old text messages in a single blast.

Some text messages come through in real time, and I am able to have those conversations, but I am not aware of the devices the senders are using. This includes from people both in and not in my Contacts. 

I’ve had this phone since October and have had no problems with any texts until recently. This problem started a couple of months ago. I have updated the OS twice, I believe, since this started happening.

I have reset my network settings. I have powered off and on several times. I have NOT reset my entire phone to Factory, because I have not seen evidence online that it has been a successful solution for anyone, and it wastes too much time for something without evidence of effectiveness. 

Thanks for any other suggestions/resolutions.

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Re: IPhone X is receiving text messages on several days’ delay
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I'm sorry to hear that you're having delay issues with your messages. I depend on my messages too and I'm determined to get this fixed for you. Let's gather some more information so I can better assist you. Have you made any recent changes in your iPhone X's settings? What zip code are you located in? Are any other users having the same issues with their messages in the area?



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Re: IPhone X is receiving text messages on several days’ delay

The solution is in the Cellular settings:

Cellular Data Options — Roaming On — Enable LTE — Data

I had changed “Data” to “Voice & Data”

It seemed like a good idea, but it created the problem with receiving texts when they were sent. I don’t know if “Off” instead of these 2 options works, but this resolved the problem.

I just set set up my new iPhone and was having the same problem until I remembered the solution. I don’t know if “Voice & Data” is a default setting, but if anyone is experiencing this issue, this solution works. No need to do any of the extreme measures I saw while trying to figure out what was happening.