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MyVerizon Doesn't Show Data Usage

Whenever I look on my MyVerizon page it always says I've used 0GB of data, but when I scroll down to the data log I've clearly been using data. Has anyone else had this problem? It makes it really difficult to not go over my limit.

Re: MyVerizon Doesn't Show Data Usage
Sr. Member

A) your phone will tell you how much mobile data you've used and you can set it to shut offf mobile data before it reaches that limit.

B) activate safety mode and you won't be charged overages

Re: MyVerizon Doesn't Show Data Usage
Sr. Member

For me, the MyVerizon web page shows the 'Total data used by XXX-XXX-XXX' summary with an amount populated, matching (haven't added it up) what is in the log when expanded.  Are you signing in using your primary phone number or a profile login?  Maybe there's some association issue for this summary line.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
Re: MyVerizon Doesn't Show Data Usage
Customer Support

shawnrl, we always want you to be in the know of your data usage. I can definitely assist. There are a few ways in which to check your data usage. The first is to dial #3282 (#DATA) from your VZW handset. A free text message will be sent to your phone advising of your usage. You can also view usage on My Verizon here: Lastly, you can view your usage in the My Verizon Mobile app by going into your Data Hub and then clicking on the "Details" tab. Some additional details on checking your data can be found here: