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Online IPhone ordering process is horrible

On October 27, 2017 I got up at 2:30am to purchase the iPhone x.  At 3 am my order was taken online and I was given a delivery date of November 3rd.  On October 31, I received an email stating my order was cancelled with no explanation why.  I called verizon and was given no reason other than I had not verified the order within 72 hours.  I never received and email or other notification that this was required. 

So I called verizon sales and tried to reorder the iPhone x knowing I would not get it on release date.  I spoke to a rep who took my order but said I had to speak to security because my other order was cancelled.  Ok so I cleared that and then was put back in line to finish the sale.  This time another sales rep (Bret) took the call and was extremely rude and pushy trying to upset me on everything.   I had already placed the order and was in a hurry but he would not complete the sale without going through his spiel.  I hung up and later that day I placed another order online. 

I called verizon online the next day to verify the order went through (within the 72 hour window) and was told by an agent (Michael) that my order was ok and nothing else need be done.

Today (11/4) I received and email from verizon that my order had been cancelled again.  No explanation as to why. 

I am fed up with ordering from verizon and have decided to order directly from Apple. 

This has been a very frustrating experience.  I know this is a "first world" problem but verizon's system should be better than this.

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Re: Online IPhone ordering process is horrible

I have to say when we got online at 2:55am we were able to order our phones without a problem and have received them already. But then I went to an actual store to purchase an ipad pro 12 inch and didn't end up doing it and now it is showing 2 of them are processing on my account and noone was able to give me any answers as to why. So I finally contacted verizon via Twitter.... they are the ONLY ones that were able to answer anything for me! I just spent 12 mins on hold with verizon only for my call to be disconnected. Their customer service isn't as good as it used to be.

Re: Online IPhone ordering process is horrible
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I must have lucked out. I used my Verizon app and got on six minutes after the ordering opened. It took my order and I received a confirming email two minutes later at 2:08am. I had tried Apple Store before and it was locked up. I didn't get in there until 2:13. I ordered one from them to cover myself however I received the phone from Verizon on Friday before noon so I canceled the Apple order. That was the first time I've gotten a phone on release day.

Re: Online IPhone ordering process is horrible

Did you ever get the email to verify your order both times your orders were cancelled?

Anyone who “didn’t get” the email should check his or her spam folder for an email that has a link which opens up a VZW site to verify the order. I received that email in less than a minute after I completed my order. Note that it’s a separate email from the order confirmation email.

I will say this — i actually ordered mine with a live person on the phone ... which means I can‘t speak to a problem with a self-serviced online order without an agent that doesn’t generate a verification email.