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So Frustrated with Verizon/Iphone XR Dropping calls

I am so frustrated with Verizon/Apple Iphone XR. Since the day i got my new phone I've had trouble with dropping calls. I have worked with tech support to resolve, but nothing works. Every time they had me do resets I have had to go through the trouble of setting my phone up again and getting my passwords, not to mention the amount of time holding on tech support. Finally they agree to do a warranty switch, but in the meantime the back of my phone became cracked - totally a cosmetic issue, but they still made me put in an insurance claim and pay a huge deductible to replace it - something i would have not replaced if it worked. So i get my new Iphone XR - take a day out of my life to go through the setup - having trouble the whole time - another day wasted - only to have it immediately start doing the same thing!!! I haven't seen any compensation for my continueous missed calls or the time I've had to spend on tech support, but Verizon was sure quick to make me pay a deductible for a working phone. I'm ready to scream!!!!! 

Re: So Frustrated with Verizon/Iphone XR Dropping calls

This is a widely complained about issue that seems to be due to a software failure on Apples part. Hopefully the next update Apple releases will resolve it. There is a temporary fix though. You can change a setting that will allow you to stop having the calls drop, but it will disable the simultaneous voice and data on the device. This means you won't be able to use the internet while on a call. 

Go into settings, then to Cellular, then click on Roaming, it will bring up a screen that prompts for “No LTE, LTE on Voice and Data, or Data Only LTE.” Choose Data Only LTE and then turn your phone off and back on. This should get you back to making calls without dropping them. 

I'm not sure why you would need to pay a deductible unless the phone was damaged. Apple provides a 12 month warranty on the device unless it has sustained damage. 


Re: So Frustrated with Verizon/Iphone XR Dropping calls

It is happening to me too!  Been a horrible experience...