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Unlocked iPhone Xs Max gets gibberish character notifications of Voice Mail, no Visual Voice Mail.

I recently purchased an unlocked iPhone Xs Max and the Apple store moved my SIM chip from my old Android phone into my new phone and I'm connected to Verizon.

I'm getting (and making) calls and messages just fine. Verizon has recognized the change because my account shows the correct phone model listed for my number.

But when I get a voice mail, I receive a notification from Verizon in the form of a string of gibberish characters that shows up in the Verizon Messages app. (iOS thinks it is Junk or Spam, BTW.)

My plan says that I am supposed to get free visual voice mail (basic) on my iPhone.

How do I get that to work? I've read the instructions about going through "setup" on my voicemail app, but there IS no setup option since my voice mail is already set up.



Re: How can I install the Verizon Visual Voicemail (Basic) app on my unlocked S8?
Customer Support



Visual Voicemail is a great feature and we want to make sure you have access to use all your features. Let's get a few details. Where did you purchase this phone? Did you check the device compatibility on our website? If not, please check the Device ID online. What happens when you touch the Phone icon and touch Voicemail on the bottom right-hand side?



Re: How can I install the Verizon Visual Voicemail (Basic) app on my unlocked S8?

The subject somehow changed from what I entered.

My phone is an Xs Max that I just purchased from the Apple store at the Towne Square Mall. When I get a voicemail, I get a Message that begins with //VZWVVM:SYNC and then is full of gibberish letters, numbers, and symbols.

When I touch the phone icon and the Voicemail button, I see a nearly blank screen with a little rectangle in the center that reads "Call Voicemail". When I press that, it dials my regular voice mail and I get the prompt for me to enter my code. There is no option for Setup or anything else.