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voice mail is full

I have one voice mail right now for a total of 27 seconds....  All of my old voicemails are deleted ( including old voice mails that have already been deleted)  .  When you dial my phone it says voice mail is full



Re: voice mail is full
Customer Support

Ensuring your voicemail is working correctly is crucial jcways123. We are eager to assist in getting your voicemail up and running. Can you verify the software version on your phone? Can you dial into your voicemail by dialing *86 or by dialing your 10-digit mobile number. Once you are in your voicemail, can you try deleting one voicemail, then test. Keep us updated. 

Re: voice mail is full ... call blocking app is flawed and poorly explained as is call filtering app

It has never been made clear that using Call Blocking is only Local to my iPhone and that it simply means that those blocked do not ring on my phone and are passed directly to voices mail.

The problem with this missing information is that if these bliocked callers actually can and do leave voicemails on the Verizon server - and as it turns out the Verizon server CAN NOT and DOES NOT update my iphone that there is a new voicemail taking space up in my Verizon Voicemail account.  

As I understand my standard VM account allows ~ 20 phone messages.

At least 1 flaw with call blocking is that Verizon also does not update me that my voicemail is full - especially due to the call blocking messages that have accumulated there without me knowing they have been placed there ... at least that continues to be our experieince when voicemail becomes full with VM from these blocked callers’ messages.  

This is how we can end up with no room left in our voicemail - despite having deleted unwanted voicemails on our (local) iPhones - AND deleting the same deleted messages also from the (local) iphone’s Deleted messages folder (which otherwise only automattically gets deleted ever ~ 30 days)

It is therefore only by the grace of someone else, who happened to call me to find my VM is full texting or emailing to that effect that I can learn of this problem.  Noting that I still could call my own number or *86 (the means to get to my Verizon server VM account) and put in the password (obtainable form Verizon if you forgot or have lost) ... to find out that despite what it might say on my iPhone that there can be Voicemails on that server - due to my use of call blocking and Verizon’s inability to count/ account to me on my iphone of these voicemail occurrence/existence.

It would be WONDERFUL if these hiccups in the functionality of Call Blocking could be better illuminated to we users and avaialabe as reminders within the use of the functionality... E.G. Using Call Blocking May incure Voicemails that accumulate in your voicemail - and possibly thereby filling your Voicemail with out you (the user) EVER becoming aware of such”

We are currently trying the Beta Call Filtering app - somewhat better - in that is causes the calls to be blocked at Verizon’s switcher and not at our phones - thereby at least reducing if not illuminating SPAM voice mail.


HOWEVER - the current version of the Call Filtering app DOES NOT ALLOW us to input even SAFE Numbers - unless my contact’s numbers are such and the app simply is not being clear of that fact?