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swapping sim card to another device

Hi, I apologize if I missed the answer to this but I think I did find the answer I was looking for here but just want to be sure before I do anything and dont mess anything up.

I have samsung phone on the wireless plan. I recently got a new unlocked moto e4 plus phone, new. Motorola said all I need to do is take SIM from my current samsung and insert it into the moto and be good to go.

on my account, there is a section to change device. not sure If I have to go that route.. I worry I may mess something up, lose my service, anything. I just had some bad experiences up to this point, long story.

so, can I just swap out the sim card and call it the day or do I have to change device through my acct. I got conflicting answers via the chat system. one said I cant just swap sim and have to change device via my acct, another person said I can swap sim cards but not everything may work such as data etc.

if I go the just swap sim card way, if I am correct I turn phone off, put in sim and start it up and that will make the card work in new phone?

thank you for your time and help. I am not older but older so this stuff is a bit new to me which is why I want to be sure I do it right.

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