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Home Fusion-LTE Internet Installed is a hotspot on Unlimited!!
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I live in a somewhat rural area and like many others use this as home internet. I have had this for about 5 years and with the exception of being data limited, it works VERY well. I was very excited to find that I could move this onto the Unlimited plan and was told that after 22G the data would be "prioritized"...which I thought we could live with. Unfortunately this in not the case at all. The real issue is that Verizon treats LTE Internet Installed Cantennae as a hotspot...even though it is bolted to the side of my home. This means that after 10Gig on the Unlimited plan we are switched over to 3G. The problem with this is that the cantennae is not backward compatible, and will not work with 3G, therefore after 10G our home internet will not work! (Do you know how quickly home internet will reach 10G with a family of 4 !!!) I've called Verizon dozens of times to find out why they would treat my home internet as a hotspot and render it inoperable after 10G. No one had an answer, and they led me to believe that a change in this "hotspot" designation would not be coming anytime soon. I've been loyal and with Verizon Wireless since 1998 and can't believe that I am being treated this way. It just makes NO SENSE to treat this device as a hotspot and to make it not work after 10G....very disappointing.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic