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Very poor cell reception at my house

Over the past 2 years we've noticed that the quality of the cell service is very poor (dropped calls, poor quality, data does not strea, etc).  I've called technical support about 6 times the past two years, including this morning.  Each and every time the tech support person goes through a choreographed list of questions and diagnostic tests.  Each call we identify the cause of the poor service:  my device hardware/software, terrain surrounding my home (trees/hills), quality of my ISP (still not sure how this interacts with cell reception), and my house structure.  NEVER once has a technition suggested the Verizon product could be at fault.  NEVER once has Verizon offered to monitor the service at my home.  NEVER once has Verizon indicated they will investigate the cell towers that provide service to my home.  It seems the consistent problem determination per Verizon is everything but Verizon (I'm usually on the phone with a rep for >1hour to identify any possible issue other than Verizon).


I've been a continuous customer of Verizon Wireless (and it's predecessors) since 1989.  I would have thought they would offer constructive solutions given my loyalty and money I've paid them. 

AT&T has really good service at my home.  Time to switch!

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