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No status bar or sound notifications from Message+

I've seen at least a dozen posts of this nature, but none go far enough to contain a solution...most people end up posting "Using another app now!"

Message+ no longer shows a text message icon when I get a new message. It also will not give me an audible notification no matter what I do. It vibrates, but that's it.

I've checked all of the settings.

Message+ --> triple-dot menu --> Customize --> Tones    /I do have a tone selected

Message+ --> triple-line menu [left-hand side] --> Settings --> Heads up Notification    /Box is checked

Phone settings --> Sounds and Vibration --> Sound mode    /Sound is selected

Phone settings --> Sounds and Vibration --> Volume    /All volumes [Ringtone, Media, Notifications, System] are turned up

Do Not Disturb is off

In addition, I've already uninstalled all of the updates and then reinstalled them again. Phone has been restarted as well.

So what next? I am thisclose to disabling the app and going to a 3rd-3rd-party messaging app. (Quite honestly, if I knew of one with a customizable background, I would've switched already. This has been a serious PITB.)

Edit: at this point, I couldn't care less about the status bar icon. I just want my sounds back!

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