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Mass texting on messenger in message+

Hi guys,

Re: Message+ app.

I used to be able to enter multiple number and switch message reply to "just me" and the message would go to the contacts individually.  Now, as i enter a phone number even though i switch the reply to "just me", AFTER it is sent out, there is a message that says "changed to mass text" and makes the message a group discussion.  This happened suddenly and was very embarassing as the message I was sending was meant to look individualized.  I sent it in good faith that it worked like it used to but apparently something has changed. I have noticed verizon features change and become unreliable/unpredictable.  i currently have anotehr issue being looked at and it appears they are having issues with it as well.  it is darn frustrating as really, not all of us have the time to sit and report problems.  expecting a feature as simple as this to work properly i don't think is too much to ask. 

can you please tell me what made the feature change and if you no longer provide this feature so i can move on onto other things and not try to fix this.

thank you for your time.

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