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How do you send large files via Message+ to other app users without auto resizing or failure? Verizon FAQ says Verizon Messages can send 100mb files??

Per the S8 FAQ (Ensure Picture / Video Message does not Exceed File Size Limit | Verizon Wireless ), Verizon Messages is capable of sending up to 100mb files to other users.  However, every time I send a larger picture file to another Messages user (typically around 4mb), the picture gets resized to < 1mb just like a normal MMS message.  I can see that both on the other user's end, as well as in my VZ shared media folder that the picture was downsized to around 750kb.  Similarly, I tried to send another larger file to test (15mb), and received an error that the file was too big to be sent using Message+.  If there is truly only a 100mb file size limit, why won't the app stop downsizing and throwing too large file errors?

I have looked thoroughly through the settings and there is nothing I can modify on my end that will allow this functionality.  I have a Galaxy S8 on Verizon with both the software and the application up to date.  I have tried this process with multiple other users, multiple file types and also tried using the app to MMS an email to myself - same error.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic