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3 month anniversary of "No Cloud"

We (a "small amount of customers") are steadily and assuredly reaching the 3 month anniversary of not being able to access our cloud data.

And Verizon wonders why they are hemorrhaging customers and losing market share VERY quickly.

Their product is the most experience, their "service" is not any better/faster/more reliable-even though they shove those lies down our throats all day/everyday in TV and internet ads-than any other service and they cannot fix a simple, single server issue that is obviously [Removed] a lot of customers, myself included.

Will we get a new update/reply/resolution in 4 days, once we hit the 3 month mark? I doubt it.

CAN NOT wait to leave Verizon, after being a customer since 1999. Waiting one more month for my data and then I'm gone like everybody else.

When will huge companies like Verizon learn that customer service is the most important product they offer and right now, Verizon is by far the worst.

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