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Wrong time on Pixel XL

It seems like since the last update a few weeks ago, my time is an hour off. I live in Central Time and it is flipping to eastern Time.

Things I have tried:

1. Power off/power back on.

2. Check location services are on (they always have been, high accuracy)

3. Check automatic date and time is on (it was)

4. Check automatic time zone is on (it was BUT when I check it the grey "time zone" says ET. I turned auto TZ off and manually set it to Central. Turned auto TZ back on, it changed to ET.)

5. Take out sim card. Turn off and back on, reinsert sim card (correct time displayed for about 4 minutes, then back to ET)

6. Uninstall updates to the clock (it is locked to the phone so I can't uninstall and reinstall, all I can do is Force Stop and/or Uninstall Updates.)

Several of these actions would result in the time being correct for about 5 minutes then it was back to the wrong time zone.

I noticed one morning that it seems to switch back and forth periodically. Example: one morning I had an alarm set for 7 am. Alarm goes off, I realize by seeing another clock in the house that it is actually 6 am. I look again 10-15 minutes later, time is correct again. I take a shower and get out, look at phone, it's back to ET.

I am ridiculously irritated by this. I travel across my state from Central to Eastern frequently and have always counted on my phone to be accurate. It has been perfect for a year, like it would change as I crossed the "Entering Eastern Time Zone" on the interstate.

All of the experiments I have done have been performed at my house. In Central Time.

Please help! I am so frustrated!

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