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unlocking my bootloader on my Google pixel 2 XL

Hey everybody,

I was looking for some help with unlocking my SIM card slash my bootloader so that I can use my paid off phone with another service provider. I know that by law they are required and by they I mean Verizon and any other company are required to unlock the phone upon request as long as the individual has paid the device off. I can't seem to get any real traction on this whenever I call and have been hung up on more times then I've been ripped off by Verizon,, that mean tell you it's quite a bit. For 3 Lines they've managed to squeeze $340 out of me a month and somehow I'm paying the most for a regular no feature no data phone. The guy who set up the account did something screwy and they've never been able to fix it I spent weeks trying to get it right and these guys can't do it so I just need some help from the community with this. It's a shame because for the most part the people that work for Verizon are pretty great, but they don't go the extra mile. Even when they know I was ripped off and intentionally misled and didn't get credit for a trade in and didn't get any of my rebates they never went the extra mile to really try to help me which has resulted in me paying thousands of extra dollars. There's even a point in time where for a year-and-a-half they added a third line( this was before I actually had a third) and charged me data for it for a year-and-a-half. It's been nothing but trouble I don't even have service at my house and no matter how many times I call in to validate my case with evidence no one has ever been able to clear it up. I used to work for Verizon and I know for a fact there's a way to do it I just haven't been able to find anyone that's been willing to go out of their way to help a customer so after a decade of service and the last five years of them continually ripping me off to the tune of 5 to $6,000 this is not an exaggeration I am done with this company. It really really stinks because I loved being with Verizon.

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