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Absurd increase in data reporting from Verizon on our data usage.

There is NO explicable reason why our data has increased exponentially within the last 2 months since we have not made any changes to our phones that warrant the amount of the data usage that Verizon is claiming we have used. 


Don't insult your customers with some of the customer service replies we have seen on these forums.  With the exception of a few people who may have some confusion with cellular phones, the majority of your customers are actually intelligent and practice common sense.  We know when we add apps, we know when we tether, we know when we use Netflix, we know how to close the background apps and we know when we are not on WIFI.  We know how to use our phones and we know when we are being taken advantage of ....despite being long-time loyal customers of yours.

Is it a coincidence that these sudden increases in your customer's data usages coincide with the your new data plans?  Is it a coincidence, that customers who call into customer service with data concerns and complaints are being recommended to upgrade to your new unlimited plans which carry a higher price tag? 

Obviously, these questions are rhetorical because with SO MANY customers experiencing this sudden data increase simultaneously, it is just plain common sense what is really going on!!!

Any company can claim, elicit, "pay" or find another company to label them as "the Best Network in the U.S.", but to actually implement the values and business integrity that these United States were built on is the genuine and actual accomplishment.

It might just be the perfect time to do what other former Verizon customers on this forum have already done and switch T-Mobile...since despite their possible least they are not pillaging their customers data!!!!

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