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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Why can't i buy more voicemail mailboxes?

The limit of 40 mailboxes for voicemail (no matter the length of the msgs) is absurd!  Voicemail takes almost no space what-so-ever on your rented servers.  It should not be difficult to allow people to purchase extra mailboxes if they wish.  Supposedly AT&T has the option to go to 60 mailboxes for a fee but I haven't verified that.

Not only is cloud storage extremely cheap these days, you don't need very much of it for voicemail.  A one minute voicemail is approximately 100KB, so 1GB of cloud space will hold more than 150 hours of voicemails (do the math: 10 minutes=1000KB (1MB)).  Nobody needs 150 hours of voicemail, but 5-10 hours would be nice!  I've tested my phone with 40 five to ten second voicemails and sure enough it's full.  Why the number of msgs matters more than the hard drive space being consumed by the messages I cannot figure out (and I'm very technically savvy).

Who knows how many important messages I've missed because my mailbox is full.  I could have lost out on thousands of dollars of business because I missed a call from a potential customer who couldn't leave me a message.  At the very least, when you open your voicemails on your phone, it should immediately tell you how close to full you are.  I only find out that my mailbox is full when someone is willing to text me after they couldn't leave a msg and tells me it's full.  This is ridiculous!

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet.  Here are a couple of facts people need to get straight:

Your phone will store as many texts as it has free space but Verizon only stores 90 days worth on their cloud servers.  So if for some reason you lose your phone and haven't backed it up and Verizon restores your new phone from their cloud, you will only get the last 90 days of texts.  This 90 days of texts (full of pictures and videos) is way way way more data than even 1000 voice messages of the maximum 3 minute length (only approx 300MB)

Like texts, voicemails are stored on BOTH your phone AND Verizon's servers.  You can test this by putting your phone in airplane mode and removing your sim card, you will still be able to listen to your voicemails.  Those who say your phone's free space doesn't matter because voicemails are stored on verizon's server are only half correct.  They are store in both places.  That being said, your phone's free space really doesn't matter, because, as outlined above, only half of one gig of phone space will hold 75 hours of voicemails (more than anyone needs) and everyone has half a gig of space on their phone.  Verizon is apparently unable to provide half a gig on their rented servers.  But that's not entirely the problem.  The problem is with the coding of their voicemail platform with allocates 40 individual "mailboxes" to each phone.  How hard would it be to pay some software engineers to recode the platform so it's based on the total hard drive space the mailboxes are consuming?  Or even simpler, let people simply pay for more "mailboxes"!

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Who I have the same questioned this topic