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55+ Unlimited Plan is a Scam

I recently turned 55 years old and was told that there is a 55+ unlimited plan available to Florida residents. I've been a Verizon customer for many years and have and had purchased multiple devices from Verizon. I called in a few days ago and was told that this plan only allows 2 devices. I had 5 on the account so I paid 3 off and cancelled the service and kept both mine and my wife's line active. I was then asked my birthdate (which they should have already) and they would send a email to some department for the 55+ plan to activate. NEVER happened and Verizon has NO record of this. But, on one line that we had beyond unlimited is now switched to the standard unlimited that both lines are required to be on for the 55+ plan.  I called back again and was told that the 55+ plan is not an offer on my account?  Now, not only did I pay off three devices to enjoy this plan I was promised, I am now paying more for two lines than if I kept 4!  Verizon, if you read and monitor these boards, your customer service department flat out lied to me!  BTW, we are no longer under contact on our 2 lines and the other big two carriers are begging for my business which clearly you are NOT!  Disgusted and disappointed!

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