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Promotional Discount Not Honored... Is this legal?

When I purchased my phone, there was a promotional discount going on for $150 off the device total, making the payments $22.75 instead of $29.00. This did not reflect on my bill a month later, so I called and was told it may take 2-3 billing cycles. 3 months later and it was still not showing. I have now been told that my device purchase did not meet the requirements as the promotion had expired. I would NOT have bought the phone if I had known that. The representative I chatted with to purchase the phone told me in WRITING the promotion was ending that day. I have the chat manuscript saved. I was told on the phone today there is NOTHING I can do to get the $150 off. I am seriously considering switching to a different provider, I have already gotten quotes. Is it even legal to change the sale price of something after it is purchased? I feel as though this was all a dup.

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