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Who I have the same questioned this topic

55+ plan

Hi, I am from MN. so I do not get the offer for the 55 Sr. plan, which is available for only

certain select states, and a bit more criteria that is easy to acheive. I believe that I am being discriminated against because I live in MN. Why in the world should that make any difference?  I get the "standard" response....."we're rolling it out, it is a trial promotion " yada yada yada. I want the same opportunities to save money as others.

Talked with some people at customer service on the phone, what a ridiulous beginning that was !! Front line couldn't do anything, so after asking several times, and being on hold for 18 minutees,  she came back with an offer, I again insisted on the offer, or to speak with a supervisor. After being told that there was no one elso to talk to, I again stated I wanted to talk with her sup.  Back on hold for another 10 minutes, I get Cory. She was so sweet and nice in the beginning...well, after I insisted that if she couldn't do anything for me, I wanted to speak with her super or marketing, she denied me the option of speaking to anyone else, but she could escalate it and someone would call me back within 24 hours. Well, sorry, honey, I have time now. I will wait on line. Cory said I couldn't do that because I would tie up the line for other customers !!! WTHeck !! What am I ? I insisted I would wait...she said she would transfer me back to the first line I spoke with I tried to speak, she put me on hold....after being on hold for another 30 minutes, another person answered. She worked with me for about 30 minutes or so, and did reduce my bill, but I still don't have what I asked for and should have a right to. Why am I not offered the promotion code ??????? 

Verizon, I see that you are losing customers right and left...I notice that your Facebook is full of negative comments as are the "I hate Verizon" FB pages that are springing up. I suggest you begin to concern yourself with staying in business by playing fair with all, offers open to all, not targeted, and that you treat "old customers" with the greatest respect, and offer them the better deals than the "new customers" who get the better prices.

Who I have the same questioned this topic