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Message+ Not Getting Audible Notifications in Text Message Screen
Enthusiast - Level 2

I am no longer receiving audible notifications while in the text message screen with the person I am texting on Message+. I have to close or back out of the screen to receive an audible notification. I'll send someone a text message, set my phone on the table, and wonder why they haven't replied after 5 minutes. Well, they have replied; I just wasn't staring at my phone or backing out of Message+. This audible notification was taken away a year or so ago, then put back after customer complaints. I'm guessing it was recently taken away again. I understand some people like it and some people don't. There is a (less desirable) 3rd party text messaging app that gives the option of receiving audible notifications or not while in the text message screen. An option in Message+ settings would solve the issue for people who don't stare at their phones waiting for a text message and/or don't want to back out of Message+ every time they send a text message or for people who don't want audible notifications in the text message screen.

Who I have the same questioned this topic